Oregon Internal Medicine, LLC. - Gregory S. Grunwald, DO  Board Certified Internal Medicine.
Medication Refill Policy:
To prevent interruption with your medication program, we ask that our patients contact the office 5 days in advance of running out of medications.  This will allow us time to call in prescriptions, obtain insurance authorization, and allow your pharmacy time to complete your prescription without a rush.
Vacation & Conference Time:
From time to time, Dr. Grunwald will take a day off for a required continuing education conference, or on rare occasions an actual vacation. Below will be posted dates of known times off. If you think you will run out of medication during this time, contact the office one week ahead so that your medication can be refilled  before the office closes.
Upcoming Conference and Vacation:

None currently

If you have an emergency call 911 or proceed to the nearest Emergency Department.
Physician coverage will be available during my absence!

Emergency physician coverage will be provided.
Please call 541-858-7183 for instructions.
Medication Insurance Pharmacy Pre-Approval Requests:
Please be aware that attempting to get medications through an insurance plan or pharmaceutical company can take some time for approval.  To help expedite this process, we ask all patients to complete as much basic information on their request forms (eg. name, birthday, address information, etc.).  Leave the medication information blank for Dr. Grunwald to complete.  By helping us with completing this basic information, you are significantly reducing the time it takes to process your paperwork and delay before receiving your medication.
Medication Costs:
To My Patients, every insurance company offers different plans and policies.  It is very challenging to stay informed with all the discounts and medication costs provided by the many insurance companies.  If you are required to pay out of pocket and you feel the medication is too expensive, ask the pharmacist if there is a less expensive alternative covered by your insurance company.  Find out what the medication is and/or if there is an assistance plan provided by the pharmaceutical company.  Call Oregon Internal Medicine, LLC. with this information and we will be happy to change the medication if medically appropriate.
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