Oregon Internal Medicine, LLC. - Gregory S. Grunwald, DO  Board Certified Internal Medicine.
Notice To Our Patients:
If you need a special test or need a physician consultation it is the policy of this office that you participate in this process.

We ask that you initiate the pre-approval process with your insurance company as this will assist Oregon  Internal Medicine, LLC.  reduce time diverted from patient care. It can typically take several hours and multiple phone calls to get an appointment set for one individual. Calling your insurance company significantly reduces the time involved in getting your needs met.

5 Easy Steps:
1. We ask that you initiate the process by notifying your insurance that 
     you need to be seen by a specialist, or require a special test, or 
     medication not typically covered.
2. Ask your insurance which consulting physician is covered by your plan
    then decide on who you wish to see.
3. Contact our office and tell our staff who you wish to see.
4. Oregon Internal Medicine, LLC. will generate a letter of introduction,
    chart notes, or orders and will send them off.
5. Finally you must call and set up your appointment time.

For Medication Approvals:
Please complete as much information before presenting any paperwork to the office as this will GREATLY speed up your request.  Dr. Grunwald will complete the section requiring information about your medication.

By assisting us in this process, you accomplish several things.  You control who and when you see your consultant or when and where you obtain your test, and reduce the time to get this accomplished.
Of course, we are always here in case you have a
question, problem, or need assistance.
Thank you for your help so we can get your needs met quickly!
Dr. Grunwald
 2380 West Main Street, Suite A. Medford, Oregon 97501
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